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DynaJet In-Line Blow Gun, 94467

DynaJet In-Line Blow Gun, 94467




Dynabrade DynaJet In-Line Blow Gun

  • Clean off work surfaces without disconnecting.
  • Only connect once… permanently mounts between coupler and air hose to purge air line of water and containments before starting up air tools.
  • Durable aluminum construction, weighs only 2 oz. (0.06 kg).
  • Safety tip design reduces the line pressure down to 30 PSIG (2 Bar).
  • Meets O.S.H.A. requirements of special relief hole in nozzle which limits pressure to 30 PSIG (2 Bar) when dead ended and used on an air line of 150 PSIG (10.3 Bar) or less.



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