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6″ x 7/8″ Zirc Flap Disc (10 Pk.)

6″ x 7/8″ Zirc Flap Disc (10 Pk.)



Flap disc use diagonal layers of abrasives, as it wears new grit is continuously being exposed for consistent performance throughout the life of the disc. They are designed to run cooler to reduce warping of thin metal like body panels plus, unlike ordinary grinding wheels these discs won’t gouge your work. Fits both air and electric grinders.

Flap Disc Types

Type 29 Conical Flap Discs – The best choice for aggressive stock removal. Conical flap discs have angled flaps and may be used on both contoured and edge work. Their angle provides greater surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces, and are the best choice when speed and stock removal are primary considerations.

Type 27 Flat Flap Discs – The best choice for finishing and used primarily on flat surfaces. They are the best choice for blending and smooth finishing.


Zirconium – Used on carbon/mild steel applications.

Additional information


36, 40, 60, 80


T-29, T-27


Standard, XL


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