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Interface Pad

Interface Pad


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Interface Pad

Made from a rubber material. Has hook on back and loop on front.

Interface pads are placed between the backing plate and sanding disc for multiple reasons. They increase the flexibility of a disc and help to evenly distribute machine movements and applied pressures. They will also help your backing pad to last longer.

BLACK – Firm. Use for coarse sanding.
WHITE – Soft. Use for fine or finish sanding.
GREY – Very Soft. Use when sanding contours (bowls).

Additional information


2", 3", 3-1/2", 5", 6", 8", 11"


1/8" White, 1/4” Soft White, 1/4” Hard Black, 3/4” Very Soft Grey

Hole Pattern

No-Hole, 5-Hole, 6-Hole, 8-Hole, 9-Hole, 17-Hole, Donut (O'Brasive)

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